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DID YOU Miss Out on previous publications?

Catch up on what you've missed this past year.
All four editions are below. Scroll to read the content.

If you have a story idea or something you'd like to get out to the community, contact us!

We Hope You Enjoy

This is how we supported the East Hants community in our first year! Proceed donations from Issues 1- 4 as of July 31/22 went to the following community agencies & initiatives:

* Caring and Sharing Food Bank
* Community Rider
* Canadian Mental Health Association
* Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia
* Nourish Nova Scotia
* Kids Help Phone
* ATENS After Trauma Empowerment NS
* Canadian Red Cross


Proceeds from Issue 1-2 went to breakfast and lunch programs at 12 schools across East Hants.

Proceeds from Issues 3-5 earmarked for Mental Supports around East Hants.

Donations pending for ISSUE 5 / Oct. publication

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