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The Old Town Of Renfrew

By: J. Hawkins

The Town of Renfrew was once a bustling town within the East Hants  Limits. A town that has, since the gold rush ending and a final revival  of the town in the early 1900’s, become a ghost but small snippets of  it are alive and well in thoughts, memories, and history books. [Lots  of] Self made men operating on good faith and reputation. When most  had abandoned Renfrew, the Thompson Brothers made a fortune  working the old land and finding gold. Most information known about  these smaller scale mining operations are those of word of mouth.  The Geological Society of Canada tells us that the Thompsons at  Renfrew found extremely rich quartz in the jubilee vein found east of  the colonial property. They found approximately 2700 ounces of gold  valued at $53000. In 2022, that would equate to $1,880,301 in 2023, an  over 3400 % increase.

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