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Front cover photo Red Farm .jpg

On The Cover

Paul Carroll’s Dairy Farm

Milford Nova Scotia

Photo by Al Eastman

The red dairy farm situated at the heart of the image, (photo taken by Al Eastman), is owned by Paul Carroll. The picture is a portrayal of the Nova Scotian agricultural heritage and the owner's dedication., Paul's dairy farm is a testament to generational continuity. Established in 1954, Paul's dairy farm has been passed down to him from his father Martin Carroll, and his uncle Ken Carroll who took the farm over from his grandfather after the family had to relocate from their previous farm near the National Gypsum in Dutch Settlement. Paul, serving as the owner, manager, and hands-on operator, tends to the approximately 48 cows, undertaking responsibilities ranging from cleaning to feeding and milking. This snapshot also captures and features the Vermeuland farms on the left, which further represents the collective history of farming practices in the region.

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