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Growing Up with the Lake

Summer’s growing up in Enfield were wonderful, add in ‘The Lake’, as it is all so eloquently known, and all seasons were magnanimous. We changed together, The Lake and I, with many facets of enjoyment, relaxation and skill, all of which I will talk about in this series of stories, about spending time at Grand Lake. 

It was the summer of 1965 and I awoke to the sun streaming through the curtain-less window of the bedroom I shared with three of my sisters. I quickly got into the same red bathing suit; I wore every summer day that year. Some “lake friends” and I would pile into the neighbor’s rowboat to explore, fish, snorkel or swim in all the inlets of the lake.

One day, on an excursion to the best beach on the lake, "Sandy's Island", which boasted grazing cattle and sheep, and exciting "sinkholes" to explore. In future years I was to discover from a local who had written her Masters Thesis on the Geology of the Grand Lake, that "Sandy's Island" was the demarcation line between different geological zones and the reason for the limestone incursions, or “sinkholes”. Sandy’s Island, in the future, was to become an exclusive gated community connected by a causeway.

By: Garth Horne

Stay tuned to What’s Up East Hants for more stories of "The Lake".

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