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Travel: And Myles to Go…

Maybe no one can say it more simply than the ancient Aesop, “Adventure is worthwhile.” Most of us would agree that travel has a lot to offer. In these times, with covid restrictions lasting longer than anyone anticipated, we can at least dream of a time when travelling the world over is a constant option.

Retired East Hants teacher, Dan Myles, was bitten by a travel bug at an early age when he and his family made numerous trips into the States while living in the foothills of Alberta.

Dan graduated from Hants East Rural High School (HERH) in 1974, after his family had moved to Nine Mile River. Dan’s move to Nine Mile River was his first of over 30 trips Dan has made across Canada: if Dan were a used car, he would have a diesel engine! His many trips across Canada are just a small percentage of the kilometres he has travelled.

Dan worked as a teacher for twenty-two years and as a principal for nine years in Nova Scotia. Dan served as a school administrator in Cross Lake, Manitoba Eston, Saskatchewan, and Sanya, China. He has visited France, Austria, Germany, Fiji, China, Bali, Argentina, Easter Island, and twenty-one other countries. Dan’s current Canadian stay is due only to the global Covid-19 pandemic.

As Saint Augustine observed: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. Over the next several months this series of articles will explore the many values Dan's extensive travel has taught him about the world and its people and even more important than those, what it has taught him about himself. 

By: Dan Myles

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