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Brown’s Beach: Come and See

Burncoat Head Park is an immensely popular place to watch the Bay of Fundy tides wash to shore. Although, it is not the only spot to see the remarkable view of ‘the Bay’. Just four minutes past Burncoat Head, a small driveway will lead you to a stunning view you will not find anywhere else.

Browns Beach is a small, out of the way, spot that many do not know about. Being as close to Burncoat Head as it is, when people come to see the tide’s, they often do not think about the hidden gems we have around East Hants. Compared to many other beaches around the community, Browns Beach is a sandy open setting that gives you the opportunity to kick off your shoes and enjoy endless picturesque walks along the shoreline with your partner your kids or just by yourself.

Your walk on Browns Beach could take you to the gully where people often take their fishing poles to catch supper; to the marsh mud where your feet will most definitely end up brown; or amongst the limitless amount of rocks on the upper part of the beach. Leaving your footprints in the sand behind you, you will find that Brown's Beach has an endless number of nooks and crannies to explore, from the flat of the ocean floor to the deep hollows in the banks, you could spend an entire day checking out everything this beach has to offer. Each rock tells a story, and you never know where that story will take you next. Wherever you end up while exploring Browns Beach, you will find yourself walking up on the rippled sand where the tide runs on its way in and out each day.

Browns Beach is an amazing spot for scenery throughout the day. However, it is a little more popular later in the evenings. If you were to ask the people of East Hants their favorite sunset spot, they would often say Browns Beach. Sunsets as amazing as they are on their own watching one sink into shiny ripples of the water is quite a marvelous sight. There is nothing like spending a day at the beach and ending it off with relaxing on a blanket in the sand, eyes feasting on the sun falling into the shining waters of the bay.

While Browns Beach may not be the most well-known spot on the shore, that does not mean it should be forgotten. It is just one of the many hidden gems in East Hants. Browns Beach is a place you can enjoy with family friends, or all by yourself. Walks along the shoreline, dips in the Bay, and bringing out your inner geologist, is what you can experience while journeying the sand on Browns Beach. So next time you take a trip around Burncoat Rd. do not forget to keep watch of hidden driveways because one might just lead you right where you want to go!

By: Audree Hilchie

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