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How Covid-19 Affects Me

COVID-19 has affected my life in many ways, especially at the rate it has moved, and everything has been out of the norm. Just a year or so ago, many opportunities seemed to be ahead of me. Now everything is different, and we have restrictions in place, mask-wearing and no big gatherings, to name a few.

If you told me a year ago that I would be wearing a mask like it was my second skin, I would not have believed you. In the depths of the quarantine in 2020, those were the most difficult times, period. It often felt like I was being suffocated with the same day playing over and over. Just like most I would be on my phone for hours and at the end of the day it felt like I was wasting my life away.

In those months I was away from so many things that I loved: dance, my friends, school or even just going out and seeing the world. Before Covid-19, I did not really appreciate the sports, big gatherings, the city bustle, or meeting new people. 

Although it is sad to say, it took a worldwide pandemic to open my eyes, but they are certainly wide open now. Those long months taught me how to live my life fuller, make goals and chase the dreams that had not been there before.

The lessons I learned are the only thing I am grateful for, that Covid has brought. Like the saying everyone has probably heard before – there is always a rainbow after the storm!

By: Ava Crowdis Age 14

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