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Women Moving Forward at Shaw

By: Allen Shaw

Moving Forward Many women have made an invaluable but often hidden contribution too Shaw Brick success over the years.


Some of these names are recorded in the 25-year watch list in appendix 1. Among them would be Hazel Fullerton who joined the company in 1941 as secretary and work with Secretary Treasurer Major J. McPherson in many phases of his work when the head office was located at 8 Prince St. Jerry Garnett another invaluable female employee was secretary to Keith Rawding, Wayne Maclean, Dick Shaw, and Henry McDougall.


One of the very first secretaries at Zanelli Shaw Limited, and the editor of Shawptalk, Shaw’s Newsletter, for many years, June Heron, a real character and a mainstay of the purchasing department for many years.


Elizabeth Chisholm executive secretary to Alan Shaw, Syd Acker ,Wayne McClain, Bob Shaw and Bert Frizzell, and an invaluable resource for the current history of Shaw brick as it’s written.


Today it’s not uncommon to find as many females as male students working during the summer on the
block sorting line or out in the yard as well as in the offices.


The Shaw group now has women in every division in its professional roles, ranging from design and sales to occupational health and safety and accounting. Over the past five years the number of women in leadership positions has also started to grow.


We always look for the best person to fill a vacancy said human resources manager Glenda Hill at the time, but we’re delighted when the best candidate is female. Quality workmanship, workplace
consistency, and inclusion has always been at the forefront of Shaw brick and its entities over the years.


As an equal opportunity employer, getting in the game early in the years, Shaw brick has always prided itself on immaculate business standards, modern policy, and a community minded spirit especially for East Hants.

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