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Maitland's Miss Eliza Frame

By: J. Hawkins

Maitland Mariners was known for their all-around ability and splendid  seamanship. “They had but little polish, but a great deal of ability.” Their  knowledge was of the practical kind with a minimum of book learning.  In fact, a great many Maitland master mariners, as well as those from  Windsor and Hantsport, owed their initial knowledge of navigation to  a very talented and disciplined woman of Maitland, Miss Eliza Frame,  who, though small compared to the rough men she taught, drilled them  in navigation skills and frequently was their only source of academic  navigational training.  

Miss Frame was a schoolteacher, like many others in Maitland’s History,  and taught the rough beaded sailors of Maitland the navigational skills  that allowed them to become some of the finest mariners of their day.  But the mariners of Maitland owe a considerable amount of knowledge  to their lifelong immersion in the trade, starting their seafaring time as  young as 13, and learning from seasoned sailors in the community long  before that.  

The sailors of Maitland worked hard and often showed talent, desire and  had the training to lead the pack. Discipline was often a determinant  of success in the trade. In those days, showing discipline, cleanliness,  determination, and Maitland Mariners were at the top of their trade. 

Hawkins, J. (1996). Captains, Mansions, and Millionaires: The Remarkable Story of Maitland,  Nova Scotia. 

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