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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you find what you are looking for in the information below. If we were unable to answer a question, please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below. 

What is ‘What’s Up East Hants’?

What’s Up East Hants is a brand-new magazine brought to you by a small group of mighty volunteers and supporters, of which we are hoping to grow, issue after issue.  This magazine has been built from the ground-up by East Hants residents.  What’s Up East Hants is a registered non-profit organization, with minimal overhead and maximum benefit to East Hants.   The goal of the What’s Up East Hants magazine is to bring the communities of East Hants together, one unified East Hants: business and services available right here in East Hants, encouragement to support local, residents’ voices heard by other residents of East Hants.


Please note: What’s Up East Hants is NOT IN ANY WAY affiliated with the Municipal Government of East Hants.  All facets of this community publication, What’s Up East Hants, are operated independent of East Hants Regional Municipality.


Who Started What’s Up East Hants?

What’s Up East Hants was started by a group of East Hants residents and business owners, wanting to see this connection happen.  (See Director Profiles for Angela Sanford, Bob Bona, Rhonda Steeves, Julie Benoit, Brenda Carmichael, and Wayne Garden).

Why does East Hants need a community magazine?

East Hants is a vast and unique area of Nova Scotia that deserves recognition for its peaceful way-of-life, history, and dedication to its residents over the years.  This magnificent part of Nova Scotia is prosperous within itself, hosting a variety of businesses and services: anything you want, you can get right here in East Hants. 

Given that special combination of values, rich history, and great business ethic, East Hants has been brought together through this magazine hosting businesses from right here, stories from right here, by people living and working right here, in East Hants. 


How can I get involved in What’s Up East Hants?

We are looking to grow both our volunteer and business support.  Should you or your business wish to contribute in any way, please contact:


General Information/Advertising: or 902-471-2766

To make a submission/ Advertising: or 902-292-7933


Can I submit to What’s up East Hants for publishing?

Yes!  We love hearing from our fellow East Hants residents: photographs and the timeless stories that go with them; ideas to highlight beautiful parts of East Hants; favorite local recipes or places to visit; your cool cat, dog, reptile, etc.; your thriving athlete!  All ages are encouraged to contribute, we strongly believe encouraging our youth makes for a stronger future!

Please note: All submissions to What’s Up East Hants may not be published in print or on the What’s Up East Hants Website.  The contributions to be published in print and on the website must be approved by the Board of Directors at the discretion of the editing body.

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