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The Noel Shore Journal: A Glimpse Back in Time

The Noel Shore Journal: A Glimpse Back in Time

The Noel Shore Journal

What could be more appropriate for the premiere of a community website and print publication on East Hants than a historical glimpse at a literary organization from the 1800s! The following was the introduction to the Noel Shore Journal which, was published by the Colchester Sun in 1900. The Journal was the brainchild of the Young Peoples Literary Association (YLPA).

“Friday, Nov. 9 th , 1900 – Last Friday evening marked the reorganization of the Y.P.L.A. of Noel Shore. This famous society organized some 12 years ago in this place, and weekly meetings were held; the entertainment consisting of dialogues, recitations, readings, etc., etc. The society was carried on for several years and proved to be a great source of pleasure as well as instruction. Elderly or married people were not allowed to attend, and for this reason it was not looked upon favorably by them. The society eventually closed, and opened again in 1895, when it met with more success than in previous years. The by-laws were revised, and married people were allowed to visit, provided they behaved themselves. Sometimes they came in great numbers, going away favorably impressed with what they saw and heard. During the winter of ’95 the Society attained great popularity; people came from far and near, and many times the hall would not contain all who came. Debates were carried with much vim and a good deal of logic.” 

With your curiosity piqued, keep an eye out for some of the we can examine some of the content of the “famous” Noel Shore Journal.

Submitted By: Peter L.M. Ashley

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