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Local Vs. Online Purchasing

Local vs. Online Purchasing

Local Vs. Online Purchasing

Recent surveys show that consumers love the ease of buying online but they want to support local businesses. In fact, a survey based found that a whopping 90% of consumers think it's important to shop small businesses. highlighting community ties through your e-commerce site below are some ways to promote yourself as the best local choice for shoppers even if they never set foot in your store.

1. Create a sense of space. Incorporate photos of your brick-and-mortar locations through your e commerce site. Showcase the address of your flagship store on the home page. If you have multiple stores include a store locator Anna prominent link to a list of all your locations.

2. Introduce your staff. Include a meet our team page with photos and short BIOS. Depending on size of your team you can highlight key staff owner store manager etc. or the entire group. Adding tidbits such as each retail associate stop pick or best tip for their better value helps customers make a connection.

3. Tout philanthropic efforts that support local charities. A section devoted to the organizations you've helped but remind customers that they bought from you their money will stay in the community making it a better place for all. You can include formal news releases or just short writeups of your efforts. Add photo showing your team loading goods on to trucks or going to shelters or images of customers bringing in supplies for annual drives at Christmas and back to school time.

4. After by online pick up in store services. Through the corona virus pandemic consumers craving convenience and safety became comfortable with ordering online and then picking up their purchases at store whether those purchases were groceries or mattress is. A Comcast business survey conducted in late 2021 find Canadian source found that 44% of consumers said they would be more likely to shop a small business if it offered some sort of online option an 30% fine Canadian resource wood shop a small business that offer curbside pickup.

5. Turn to social media your Facebook Instagram and other social media are great places to highlight your involvement in the community, promote partnerships with local businesses and remind followers that your business is right down the street. Find local businesses that are willing to put feedback on this piece for the web page and one for print.

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