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Rick's Riches

Rick's Riches - A Local Treasure

Rick's Riches

It all started many moons ago on the kitchen table of community members dedicated to the cause and who would have stopped at nothing to complete the project. Here we are 50 years later, and Ricks Riches is an integral part of the East Hants Community. The original founders of Ricks Riches were the sheer embodiment of community and wanted to see everyone succeed, no matter their ability. These trailblazers built a foundation of inclusion before inclusion was a mainstream topic. Inclusion was natural for these individuals and their community. Sitting around a kitchen table, with nothing but determination, ideas, and a thirst to give back, Rick’s Riches was born.

Rick’s Riches Thrift Store is a very active program organized and administered by Corridor Community Options for Adults (CCOA) provides a wonderful shopping experience for customers, while gaining valuable live and work experience. The participants in this program learn valuable skills and communication tools enhancing their abilities to reach their individual potential. Participants love to have “a place” and a safe space to be themselves, learning and working in an individual and respectful manner.

The starting members of Ricks Riches included Daun Bona, Lennie Gallant and 3 others. (Nm.) In 1974, sitting around that kitchen table, a community came together to provide opportunity for the future of all youth in the area, by providing opportunity for all. The participants have been gaining valuable life skills over the years, thanks to the people of this community who knew they could make it happen. Additionally, adding value to the retail community in East Hants, well done!

Presently CCOA have ten members on the Board. Eight members are recruited from the community, one member is a Councilor from the Municipality of East Hants, and one is selected by the Association of Community Living (A.C.L.) membership in the East Hants area.

When chatting with founding members they emphasized that there was a need in the community to support members of varying abilities. There was never a question of can this become a reality it was, how do we make this a reality.

Currently, programming is available for over 40 people at the current location. However, community demand for programming is growing and a new facility in the Elmsdale Business Park, will allow for program capacity to grow up to 125 participants. With continuous community support, incredible volunteers and staff, and government support.

Visit for hours of operation and more. Check out Ricks Riches on Facebook for updates and promotions.

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