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A Conversation with Michaela Lynn

A Conversation with Michaela Lynn by What's Up East Hants

A Conversation with Michaela Lynn

Michaela Lynn singer songwriter artist originally from 9 mile river East Hants.

Michaela tells us that she wanted to be a singer ever since she could remember. She often took trips to Nashville as a child with her mother. Just months before the COVID-19 pandemic, she moved to Nashville to start her music career. During the pandemic Michaela talks about songwriter circles to practice their music as venues were mostly shut down to performance. Writing circles for writing songs contains such artists as Canadian Marcus Hummon, who wrote ‘Bless The Broken Road’ and ‘Cowboy Take Me Away’. These circles proved to be helpful to hone Michaela skills and sharpen her music.

Makayla has had three previous smaller scale albums released but she considers her coming album to be her first. The album is tentatively called ‘Oldest Daughter’ and will be a title track on the album. She started the album last November but because of COVID and other issues, she expects to release her album sometime this year. When talking to Michaela you can hear pride in her voice as she knows that this album is capturing who she really IS, as she now knows what she wants to write about and the music she wants to play.

MaKayla explains her pandemic life as being a hard time financially so she turned to teaching children music in order to make ends meet. She describes this as one of the happiest most fulfilling endeavors she's ever taken on and she would like all children to know and all youth who would love to become musicians or have a big dream that they would love to fulfill that “if you have something to say you'll always find a way to say it” and that's what country music does for Michaela Lynn. Through performance and introducing music to children, Michaela Lynn started seeing herself in them and realised that making music is not easy and it's not guaranteed but it brings so much joy and personal expression, that every minute is worth it.

Now when we get on the topic of her hometown right here in East Hants, Mikaela's smile is ear to ear. She holds great pride for her hometown and she’s hoping to get back to East Hants to play some shows and visit family in the very near future. She assures me that everyone will know when she's on her way back!

Makayla has opened many doors towards her Country Music Career since she has been in Nashville working with Alan Jackson on his single “Racing the Dark”. Makayla describes a writing contract she is working on, writing music with and for many artists in the industry. While booking festivals for the summer and participating in many shows around the United States, Makayla is hoping to participate in some musical Events right here in her hometown.

Michaela told us that she would got engaged in October of 2021 and will be planning a wedding for this year. Michaela giggles as she tells us that she's eager to show her husband to be, all that Nova Scotia and especially East Hants has to offer.

“I’m really excited for this year, after a long two years of Covid live music is finally back and I couldn’t be happier. I’m really excited to get back home to EAST HANTS.”

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