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Census Matching

Census Matching by Pat Whidden

Census Matching

While the caption below our logo is a flippant remark generated during the recent sign wars in East Hants, the sentiment is accurate. We own and operate a museum seasonally in Lower Selma, and we manage a research and storage facility in Elmsdale, courtesy of the Municipality of East Hants. We are a non-profit heritage organization with charitable tax status. Our mandate is to gather, preserve, and communicate the history of the communities of East Hants.

What do we do? We collect historical artifacts to preserve them and use them in exhibits in the Lower Selma Museum. We collect documents that are added to a searchable database and filed for preservation. We collect genealogies for our archive and random vital statistics—births, deaths, marriages—that are added to our family and community files. We mount exhibits at the museum that depict East Hants’ early history and personalities. We maintain a website——and Facebook and Instagram pages in which we regularly post photos and articles of interest to our followers. We develop programming for regular presentations, although recently, these have been online presentations only, due to Covid-19. You can find these in our Virtual Library on our website or on our YouTube channel.

We’ll tell you more about our Society in later articles, and we look forward to sharing stories of East Hants history with you.

Submitted by: East Hants Historical Society

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