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Horsing Around!

HORSING AROUND by: Karen Gillighan, Executive Director, Todd Hill Farm Association

Horsing Around!

Todd Hill Farm is a popular stopping point for many East Hants residents. But what you may not know is that since 2010 it has been run as a non-profit enterprise!

Todd Hill’s mission statement is to “provide a family-oriented equestrian facility where students can gain a solid foundation in horsemanship, riding and horse care”. The farm is home to 28 horses and sits on 70 acres of rolling fields, woods and trails.

What’s in a name? Karen and John Gillighan are the Exec. Director and President of the Association respectively, and they’ve developed this facility from the ground up. They chose the name Todd Hill Farm out of respect for the original land owners. The property was once part of a much larger parcel of land granted to the Todd Family when they emigrated from Scotland in the 1800’s.

Charles Todd and his son Abijah, cleared the land by hand and worked hard growing crops and raising livestock to provide for their family. In 2005, John and Karen purchased the land from the estate of Abijah’s son, Lorne Todd. By that time it had been almost fully reclaimed by forest. At the time of purchase several investors and land developers had approached the estate with the desire to build a housing development. Fortunately, the Gillighans were able to persuade them that taking the property back to its farming roots would be in the best interest of the community. John and Karen’s dream of creating a family-oriented horse farm that could provide much needed education and service to the community, was born.

Todd Hill Farm has been serving the East Hants community for over 10 year. When the pandemic caused closures of organized events, recreation centres, schools and many businesses in early 2020, the farm reached out to Sport Nova Scotia to partner with them in offering new programs to help address mental health issues. Out of those discussions the Hands on Horses Personal Development Program was born.
Hands on Horses is a non-riding program where horses become team members and educators to challenge participants and help them see situations from different perspectives.

Todd Hill Farm would like to express its gratitude to all East Hants businesses that have supported them over the years.

Visit today @ / 6570 Highway # 2, Enfield NS

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