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Sophia Chicken Story

Sophia Chicken Story by Christine Boudreau

Sophia Chicken Story

Hi, my name is Sophia and I have been a chicken keeper for 3 years.

When I was 5 I asked for chickens for my birthday. My parents built me a chicken coop and the day after my Birthday we picked up 6 baby chicks that were born on MY Birthday! Then the next month we picked up 8 more that were ready to lay eggs. It took a couple months for them to get used to me and my family before they gave us any eggs but when they started laying we got eggs every day!

The next spring we got 2 roosters to help protect our flock (and maybe hatch our own chicks someday). That summer we had 1 chick hatch successfully and it was a hen, yay more eggs. Here is a picture with my first mama chicken and her baby, I named her chicky. When I was 6 we went to the zoo in the valley and ended up buying 4 guinea fowl that were only a day old. They were very cute but different than chickens. They are very noisy. Our guinea hen had a secret nest this past summer but a raccoon got to it, stole some eggs and when my mom brought the eggs to a new nest she didn't want to continue trying to hatch them. My mom tells me guinea hens aren't very good mothers anyway.

We also picked up a few new chickens and then this summer hatched 3 new chicks, but I'm not sure yet if they are hens or roosters. My favourite thing to do is explore in the yard and get worms to feed them in the summer. I caught a snake once and my chicken named Pecky grabbed the snake right out of my hand, she must have thought it was a worm.

We have many chickens now and sell our extra eggs because there are more than we can eat. Chickens are fun to have as pets and my mom says chicken math is real so if you want to get chickens make sure you plan your coop to fit more chickens than you think you want because we have 2 coops now.

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