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Take a Hike! Nine Mile River Trails

Take a Hike! Nine Mile River Trails by Joanna Mcintyre

Take a Hike! Nine Mile River Trails

The Nine Mile River Trails are a non-motorized multi-use trail network located at 1143 Enfield Road. The trail network offers a mix of “front country” and “back country” trails. The easier “front country” crusher dust-based trails include the 1.3km Pitcher Plant loop and a 0.7 km portion of the Comeau Lake Trail down to the scenic viewpoint overlooking the Nine Mile River. If feeling a little more adventurous, continue 2.5km along the natural portion of the Comeau Lake Trail into the “back country” and a visit to Comeau Lake. Want to tackle the full 10km? Proceed around the 3.1km rugged Hemlock Cathedral Loop, through lovely hemlock stands and along an open marsh.

The Nine Mile River Trails Association is striving to support our local communities. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront the importance of mental health, leading an active lifestyle and how getting back to nature can improve one’s mental wellbeing, thereby emphasizing the significance of the trail network as an essential element East Hants and beyond.

The Association has been working hard over the years to upgrade the maintenance program for the existing trail network. In the future we are hoping to address the growing need for outdoor infrastructure in East Hants and Nova Scotia by expanding the trail network and improving the parking lot capacity.
Our Association is a non-profit, volunteer group relying on funds raised in the community, grants, and donations (monetary and material). If community members or businesses would like to help improve and expand the trail infrastructure, and have a positive impact on the physical and mental well being of fellow Nova Scotians.

Contact us at or message via the Nine Mile River Trails association Facebook page.

Happy hiking!

Photo Credit: Halifax Trails

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