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Jennifer Maloney
Sipekne'katik First Nation 

Jennifer Maloney demonstrates a Mi'Kmaw Fancy Shawl dance along the riverbank of the Shubenacadie  River at the foothill of the former Indian Residential  School on Indian School road during an evening of Culture and History teachings

Keith Julian is a Band Councillor with the Sipekne’katik First Nation Band. Keith is the founder and organizer of the Culture and History  Teachings.

For the past two summers or as long as the warmer  weather permits, Keith dedicates two evenings per week for these  very informative and interesting lessons. He invites various Mi’Kmaq  people to be presenters. Everything from traditional ceremony reenactments, Mi’Kmaw language to dancing, drumming, Treaty Law  and traditional crafts are demonstrated and learned here. The  venue is perfect!

People from as far away as the city and New  Glasgow gather along the riverbank at the foothill of the former  Indian Residential School on Indian School Road in Shubenacadie  to take in and at times participate in the teachings.

Keith has  received great feedback from many allies as well as Indigenous  people. Keith and the presenters encourage and welcome everyone  to join us this summer for some very interesting lessons and maybe  even watch the tidal bore roll in. For further information regarding  dates and times, please join the Sipekne’katik Culture and History  Teachings Facebook page to keep up to date.

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